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NCT 127’s Mark Had The Best Response To Having A Reputation For Being “Chaotically Bilingual”

Here’s what that means.

NCT 127‘s Mark recently sat down for an interview with Esquire. He talked about “TMI” facts about himself that fans may not necessarily know about.

One of these was his response to the memes about his bilingual nature. As someone who grew up in Canada, he is fluent in English and Korean. He often gets mixed up between the two languages and fans frequently compile funny moments focusing on this.

He usually struggles to speak in either straight English or straight Korean.

This happened so often that the NCT rapper is called “Chaotically Bilingual” by his fans. He admitted to Esquire that he’s well aware of this reputation.

I’ve seen this. I know all of these. I’ve seen memes.

— Mark

He apparently tends to speak in two languages more often when he’s in Korea.

It just comes out like this especially when I’m in Korea.

— Mark

The NCT rapper added that it’s common among those who lived abroad their whole lives to mix multiple languages. He stressed that he’s “not the only one.”

I believe there are people who speak like this especially when they lived abroad long enough. I’m not the only one.

— Mark

In the end, the memes about his apparent refusal to speak in straight Korean simply made him laugh. Mark knew that fans called him this in jest and he loved it.

 It cracked me up too.

— Mark

Check out the full video below to learn more about him!




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