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NCT 127’s Taeil Accidentally Follows WJSN’s Seola And Fans Have The Best Reaction

The chillest reaction ever.

NCT 127‘s Taeil recently made an innocent mistake when he followed a girl group member on Instagram by accident. Thanks to the small number of people he usually follows, it was easy for fans to quickly discover that he had accidentally followed another person — WJSN‘s Seola.

Taeil accidentally follows Seola. | Nate Pann

Many fans simply brushed it off as a mere slip of the hand. Often times, Instagram automatically recommends you accounts to follow, and it is way too easy to press the blue button by mistake. Taeil quickly unfollowed Seola, but not before some eagle-eyed fans had spotted it.

NCTzens had the best reaction to the mishap. They joked that Taeil must have been looking for fellow member Jungwoo‘s sister instead.

It is a well-known fact that Seola and Jungwoo look very alike.

Jungwoo and Seola on Music Core. | MBC

Jungwoo once designated Taeil as the sole member he wouldn’t mind introducing to his sister.

Ever since then, fans have been waiting for the moment to happen. Afterall, Jungwoo is quite protective over his lovely noona. His members have also acknowledged that Jungwoo’s sister is very beautiful, and the spitting image of Jungwoo. While his sister has not yet been revealed to the public, here’s a photo of Jungwoo as Rose in Titanic to get your imagination flowing.




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