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NCT 127’s Taeyong Makes Sure Haechan Isn’t Left Out At Recent Concert

The leader reminded everyone Haechan is always with them.

At the beginning of January, SM Entertainment announced that NCT 127‘s Haechan visited the hospital, which resulted in the company halting his activities until further notice to aid in recovering the idol’s health.

Haechan | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

And since the group has continued their concert tour, leader Taeyong made sure Haechan wasn’t left out at their recent stop in Santiago, Chile.

Taeyong | @taeoxo_nct/Twitter

For the group’s encore stage, Taeyong was seen holding a standee, or cardboard cutout, of Haechan. The leader even passed the microphone to the 2D Haechan.

When the group thanked NCTzens and bid them farewell, Taeyong took the Haechan standee and folded it over in a bow as he did the same.

While it made some fans chuckle, it also reminded them how much Haechan is loved and will eventually return.

Leave it up to Taeyong to make sure all the members are included, especially Haechan.

| @youtubekorea/Instagram




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