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NCT Dream Accused Of Plagiarizing Red Velvet’s Viral “Chill Kill” Concept Images

Heated debates have started online.

SM Entertainment‘s NCT Dream have found themselves in the midst of plagiarism accusations and backlash right after their latest concept images were released.

| SM Entertainment

Following the release of their latest teaser images for the much-anticipated comeback with DREAM()SCAPE, fans have been quick to point out striking similarities to the visuals previously showcased by their labelmates, Red Velvet.

| SM Entertainment

The teaser images, which present NCT Dream members clad in old-fashion school uniforms amid chilling thematic backgrounds, have sparked a divide amongst the fan community. Many fans argue that the concept bears a close resemblance to the images Red Velvet used for their third studio album’s concept, which had gone viral for their inventive and unique visual appeal.

| SM Entertainment
haechan dream teaser
| SM Entertainment
yeri chill kill
| SM Entertainment

The Chill Kill concept was lauded by Korean as well as international netizens on multiple online spaces and had created a lot of hype around the girl group’s comeback.

The comparison has drawn attention not only to the aesthetic parallels but also because of the internal connection between the two groups under the SM Entertainment umbrella. This has led to heated debate between the two fandoms.

| SM Entertainment
irene chill kill
| SM Entertainment

Fans of NCT Dream have been defending the group and the concept, attributing the similarities to the distinctive style of Cho Gi Seok, the renowned photographer who directed both photoshoots. Known for his captivating visual storytelling, Cho has worked with various other K-Pop acts like LE SSERAFIM and XG, and most recently I’LL-IT. However, this is the first time his work has been embroiled in plagiarism accusations among K-Pop fans.

Meanwhile, this is not the first instance of plagiarism allegations for SM Entertainment this year. Earlier, the company faced criticism over the design of their youngest boy group RIIZE‘s lightstick — which was said to be strikingly similar to Epic High’s. SM responded by postponing the release of RIIZE’s lightstick, causing speculation over possible design alterations.

As the debate rages on it remains to be seen whether SM Entertainment will address these plagiarism accusations head-on. With the company’s history of managing such disputes, the outcome is anticipated by fans worldwide.




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