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NCT DREAM Jisung’s Reaction To Being Called Hyung For The First Time Goes Viral

Jisung didn’t expect to hear it.

As the youngest member of NCT, everyone thought it would take a while for someone to address Jisung as a hyung (older brother). That moment finally came thanks to an SMROOKIES trainee.

Jisung | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Through welcome to NCT Universe, the trainees of SMROOKIES received the chance to meet the NCT members they were already close to or aspired to be. For trainee Seunghan, that member was Jisung.

Seunghan | @smrookies/Twitter

Being respectful of his senior in age and experience, Seunghan politely addressed him, “Jisung hyung.” Jisung was immediately caught off guard, the surprise showing on his face.

Jisung was in so much shock that he covered his mouth. The NCT DREAM members wasted no time repeating the phrase to tease Jisung while they laughed at the unexpected events.

Shotaro thought the moment was just as funny as NCT DREAM, using his whole body to prove how hilarious it was. By then, even Seunghan had become a little shy beside him.

Viewers found the moment just as humourous, making clips of the interaction between Jisung and Seunghan go viral.

Not only did Seunghan get to meet who he admired most, but he unintentionally created a viral moment with Jisung that fans will never forget.




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