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NCT DREAM’s Haechan Shocks With His Visuals And Charisma In Unedited Moments From Concert In Japan

“What first love actually looks like.”

NCT DREAM‘s Haechan is well-known for being one of the most charismatic artists in K-Pop. With his characteristic charm and positive attitude, Haechan is a fan-favorite among the NCT members.

NCT DREAM’s Haechan | @haechanahceah/Instagram

Yet, along with his next-level performance talent, Haechan has also received praise for his natural visuals on no small number of occasions. At NCT 127‘s concert in Manila, Philippines, for example, fans were left dazzled by how he looks in real life.

| @hhyuckee86/Twitter

| @hhyuckee86/Twitter

At NCT DREAM’s recent THE DREAM SHOW 2 concert in Japan, Haechan once again came under the spotlight for his flawless appearance in person. Whether it was because of the irresistible smirk he displayed…

…his passionate performance…

…or simply his face, Haechan seemed to be the main character.

When he donned sunglasses for “Better Than Gold,” NCTzens were goners.

Not to mention the wreckage he left behind after his wink and flying kiss!

Ultimately, there is only one conclusion that fans can reach: Haechan not only has superior visuals…

…but he is also unquestionably a “performance genius.”




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