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NCT Fans Send Protest Trucks To SM Entertainment Regarding Recent Rumors, Netizens React

The matter was already denied.

NCT’s Haechan and Johnny were recently embroiled in a scathing controversy. They were accused of prostitution and sleeping with fans. Later on, SM Entertainment denied the matter.

SM Entertainment Denies Sex Scandal Rumors Related To NCT’s Johnny And Haechan

Although the statement came on the night of June 4, 2024, it seems like fans had already planned to send trucks to the agency in protest.

The trucks called for SM Entertainment to take swift action against the rumors.

| theqoo

The trucks contained the following messages.

  • Improve the protection of your artists. Lawsuits without any mediation. Quick and accurate statements.
  • SM, who neglected the malicious comments targeted at NCT for years, is an even bigger perpetrator. Sue them without any mediation and put out statements.
  • The malicious rumors targeted at NCT is getting more severe, but KWANGYA119 is so useless. When are you going to protect your artists? We don’t need copy-and-paste statements. We want to know the detailed status updates.

Following the trucks, netizens have praised fans for their concise statements.


  • There’s many people here that need to be sued too.
  • It’s really true when they say lawsuits need to be noisy.
  • Their wording is so clean. Waiting for the follow-up statement.
  • ’What about the pics,’ I’m sick of it. There’s no photos but people keep commenting that with each post.
  • The size of the truck is so unique.
  • Seems like people would believe it if I posted a pic of food and said I ate with NCT. Why are you guys giving up your brains to hate on celebrities? I hope SM gets it together and sues them.
  • I’m not a fan but it was really severe yesterday. Their statement came so late and IDC about the ‘evidence’ but it was even reported on the new. They’re people who can release a statement saying it’s false and that they’ll deal with it strongly in 10s but  didn’t they drag it out for a day?
  • Damn. What happened?

You can read more about the initial accusations below.

More Details Surrounding NCT Haechan And Johnny’s Alleged Prostitution Get Revealed




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