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NCT Haechan’s Apology Sparks Heavy Criticism

SM Entertainment released a statement.

NCT Haechan is facing heavy criticism after admitting to smoking indoors.

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On January 11, Haechan admitted to smoking indoors and apologized for the controversy.

We have confirmed that Haechan was filmed smoking an electric cigarette indoors in NCT 127  content uploaded on January 10.

— SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment revealed that the idol will be paying a fine. Previously, it was reported that netizens had already pressed charges against the idol.

We received a fine from authorities today, and we are planning on paying the fine. We will be more careful so that this does not happen in the future.

Previously, controversy erupted after a clip of the idol smoking went viral. You can read more about the incident in the link below.

NCT’s Haechan Reportedly Facing Charges Amid Hiatus

Netizens reacted by criticizing the idol for his behavior. Many others called out fans who had defended the idol by claiming that he was filmed eating a chocolate bar.

  • Did D.O. get fined, too?
  • It’s obvious that he was smoking; where did (fans) come up with chocolate bar? He admitted his mistakes. Hopefully he is more careful in the future…
  • Wow, so there really are a lot of idiots who think it’s okay to smoke indoors.
  • Chocolate bar ㅜ.
  • Wtf? I don’t read comments, but there were people saying (his e-cigarette) was a chocolate bar? LOL, that’s funny af.
  • Fans should have just stayed silent, how does that look like a chocolate bar? LOL, you guys are disgusting for trying to shield an indoor smoker.
  • Yeah, reflect on your actions, and please quit for your health…

  • I am shocked that he was smoking indoors. Don’t do it again.
  • I mean, did he not know he was being filmed?
  • This was such a predictable ending… Smoke outside, please.
  • Sigh, idols need to stop smoking indoors… The editor for the clip is going to be in trouble.
  • I bet the fans who were defending him feel really dumb right now. I’m embarrassed for them.
  • I really hate indoor smokers.

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