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NCT’s Chenle Exposing The Truth About Mark And Haechan’s Overworked Schedules Resurfaces, And It’s More Relevant Than Ever

NCT‘s Chenle exposed the truth about his fellow members’ overworked schedules.

NCT’s Chenle

NCTzens have been calling out SM Entertainment lately for overworking both Mark Lee and Haechan. Previously, fans criticized the entertainment company for its packed winter schedules.

Mark (top) and Haechan (bottom)

Mark is a member of many NCT sub-units as well as SuperM. Currently, both he and Haechan are actively promoting with both NCT DREAM and NCT 127.

NCT 127 | SM Entertainment

NCT DREAM |  SM Entertainment

After the release of NCT 127’s 2 Baddies in September, the group headed to North America for two nights of concerts in Los Angeles and New York City in October as part of the NEO CITY – THE LINK world tour.

During this, Mark and Haechan were doubling up on practices as NCT DREAM prepared to embark on the Japan leg of their The Dream Show 2: In A Dream world tour.

| SM Entertainment

NCT DREAM’s Japanese 5 concert tour concluded on November 28 after three back-to-back concerts in Yokohama, Japan. While most NCT DREAM returned to Korea immediately after, Mark and Haechan headed directly to Bangkok, Thailand, for three more nights of concerts with NCT 127.

SM Entertainment also continues to give NCT DREAM and NCT 127 additional schedules. NCT 127 will make their comeback in January as 2 Baddies‘ repackage was rescheduled from its original time. Additionally, NCT DREAM has been announced to release Winter Special Mini Album Candy on December 19, 2022.

NCT 127 is also continuing their NEO CITY – THE LINK world tour in January, with concerts in Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Sao Paulo, Santiago, Bogota, and Mexico City.

Considering all the recently announced schedules, including plans such as NCT DREAM’s Japanese release in February and a full NCT comeback, NCTzens have been greatly concerned for Mark and Haechan specifically.

They are worried for their physical health, rightfully so, as it appears that there will be absolutely no time to rest in the near future.

Their fellow NCT member Chenle who is part of just NCT DREAM with them has spoken out about his own concerns for them too.

From left: Mark, Haechan, and Chenle | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Chenle held a live broadcast via Weibo on September 13. Although it’s a few months old, a clip from it has garnered more attention from NCTzens’ lately due to his comments about Mark and Haechan. He expressed that his heart aches for them, and he feels helpless about their situation.

Mark and Haechan…my heart aches for them. I don’t have any capability or way to help them.

— Chenle

| Weibo

Chenle acknowledged Mark and Haechan’s overworked schedules due to being part of both NCT 127 and NCT DREAM. He said he himself feels like it can be a lot being in just one group, so he feels especially bad for them having to be in two at one time.

They’re in two groups and have to keep running around. Two groups that keep running around. I don’t think it’s easy to even be in one group, but they are in two. So they’re really exhausted.

— Chenle


He let NCTzens know that they do truly give the members energy. Still, it’s not always enough due to their high level of exhaustion.

I believe you guys will always give them energy, and I think you guys are great. But they are too exhausted.

— Chenle


Knowing what all they go through, Chenle respects Haechan and Mark’s time, energy, and limits. So, he attempts not to ask anything more of them.

But with them being so exhausted, I’d never ask for anything, I’d never ask for more from them. I’d never ask them for more of this and that.

— Chenle


Despite Mark and Haechan’s busy schedules, their ambitions drive them. So, they continue to put “their heart and mind into” everything. Chenle and the rest of NCT DREAM really admire and respect Mark and Haechan for their hard work.

But they just came back from a tour stop in the Philippines and we have to prepare for our concert. They’re exhausted to the max but they’re still full of desires like us…ambition, ambition, not desires. Ambition. Full of passion. They are putting their heart and mind into this in order to carry out the best concert. Even in this situation, they’re still keeping their passion burning like this. The rest of Dream, the five of us, are so thankful to them. It’s so tough…it’s not pleasant. Even being in just one group is tough, but they’re in two.

— Chenle


Chenle pointed out that besides the constant performances, those in multiple groups, such as Haechan and Mark, also have homework related to their respective groups. So, it’s multiplied. There is truly little to no free time.

Just imagine, your work…I believe everyone experiences pressure and encounters difficult, exhausting, and bad things…just imagine doing that same work twice. It’s so tough. For example, you have to write ten reports today, but Mark and Haechan have to write 20.

— Chenle


Although Mark and Haechan never have a break, they maintain a positive attitude and are not short with others. Yet, Chenle said he would 100% understand if they acted otherwise, considering their overworking.

Also, they’re still passionate and enthusiastic even with this situation. They don’t have thoughts like, ‘I’m already this exhausted, don’t bother me. I’ll do whatever I want.’ Actually, I would be okay with this. I would understand it because they’re so exhausted. But they’re not like this at all. They’re just as passionate as us. That’s really tough.

— Chenle


NCTzens applaud Chenle for boldly speaking out about the unfair, non-stop schedules of Mark and Haechan.

It’s heartbreaking that a three-month-old video is more relevant than ever. Hopefully, Mark and Haechan both get a well-deserved rest soon enough.

Read more about NCTzens’ concerns for Mark and Haechan below.

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