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NCT’s Doyoung Shocks With His Unreal Visuals And Body Proportions At Recent Dolce & Gabbana Event

“Doyoung, a menace to society.”

NCT‘s Doyoung attended a recent event by luxury fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana, gaining attention for his body proportions and classy look.

Doyoung | @nct127/Instagram

With his sleek figure and charismatic visuals, it’s no wonder that he’d end up as a guest for Dolce & Gabbana. Along with other notable guests such as actress Park Eun Bin, Doyoung made his way to Japan for the opening of the ‘DOLCE & GABBANA GINZA SIX’ store.

He already had all eyes on him when he arrived at the airport for his flight to Japan.

Once he was there, he held a live stream on Instagram, where he took the opportunity to tease NCTzens by claiming that he’d been working out diligently for this event.

Naturally, he did not disappoint. Doyoung showed up to the event in an all-black outfit, practically exuding effortless elegance.

| @nct/Instagram

| @do0_nct/Instagram

His appearance at the event instantly had NCTzens going wild for his visuals…

…with some making a point of praising his flawless body proportions.

There was no doubt in fans’ minds that he was the main event.

But it wasn’t just because of his visuals. Doyoung also gained attention for the adorably polite way in which he approached Park Eun Bin…

…and for the way he surprised both fans and the actress with his Japanese skills.

His duality is truly insane!

Doyoung may be a menace to society…

…but he proved to be the perfect gentleman at the Dolce & Gabbana event; handsome, well-dressed, and unfailingly respectful!




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