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NCT’s Haechan Reportedly Facing Charges Amid Hiatus

SM Entertainment has yet to respond to the controversy.

Several netizens have reportedly filed charges after a clip depicting NCT‘s Haechan allegedly smoking inside a group practice facility went viral.


On January 11, a clip of NCT members inside a dance studio went viral. In the clip, NCT Haechan, who recently went on a hiatus, can be seen smoking what some say looks like an electric cigarette.

NCT’s Haechan Allegedly Caught Smoking Indoors

Other fans are reportedly claiming that because there wasn’t much smoke, the idol must have been eating an energy bar.

It has also been reported that some netizens have already filed charges against Haechan, stating that the idol broke the law by smoking indoors. Previously, EXO‘s D.O. was fined after it was revealed that he smoked inside  the waiting room of a music show.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment recently revealed that NCT Haechan would be taking a hiatus from all promotions.

NCT’s Haechan To Take Hiatus From Promoting

Stay tuned for updates.




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