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NCT’s Hairstylist Spills The Tea On How Well Jaemin Treats Staff

The staff gets to see a softer side of Jaemin.

Park Nae Joo is the hairstylist for many famous groups like EXO, BTS, and NCT. While discussing behind-the-scene moments from working with NCT, he revealed how well Jaemin treats the staff at Park Nae Joo’s hair salon Bit&Boot.

Jaemin | @na.jaemin0813/Instagram

As soon as Park Nae Joo mentioned Jaemin, he called the idol the “life of the party.

The hairstylist noted how well-mannered Jaemin is to everyone he meets. Park Nae Joo said, “When he comes to the shop, he says hi to every staff—including the managers at the info desk.

And while other visitors might be unsure of what to do at the hair salon, Jaemin immediately breaks through that awkwardness. Instead of bothering the staff, Jaemin makes himself right at home.

People seem to be shy of strangers at the first visit to the shop. But Jaemin, he makes his own coffee and keeps himself [entertained] like he visits a real café. He’s having fun [by] himself at the shop.

— Park Nae Joo

Park Nae Joo also pointed out Jaemin’s full trust in whatever the hairstylists do to his hair. He added, “While trusting the designers, he says, ‘Please, take good care of me.’

See Park Nae Joo detail Jaemin’s warm and welcoming personality.




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