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NCT’s Jeno Showcases His True Personality As He Shares The Most Wholesome Interactions With His Staff

“Noonas’ reactions every time they take pics of Jeno is so cute.”

NCT‘s Jeno became a fashion sensation when he made his runway debut at New York Fashion Week, and now he has NCTzens feeling soft over his interactions with staff behind the scenes.


Jeno is officially the first K-Pop idol to open a show at New York Fashion Week. He opened for designer Peter Do, who previously dressed Johnny for his viral appearance at this year’s Met Gala.

Jeno walking for Peter Do | @SMTOWNGLOBAL/Twitter

Jeno gained insane amounts of attention for his unreal visuals while in New York City, and had even event staff and photographers mesmerized!

| @debbiew/Instagram

And as it turns out, even his own staff couldn’t stop gushing over him—something that is all too relatable. In some wholesome behind-the-scenes footage of the Vogue World event he attended, staff members were adorably supportive as he tried on his high heels for the first time…

…and as he posed for pictures later.

But soon, Jeno’s visuals proved to be too much to handle, hilariously causing one of the staff members to exclaim, “Crazy!”

NCTzens definitely couldn’t blame her…

…so it’s not surprising that the staff’s compliments for Jeno continued as they took more pictures.

And yet, Jeno’s true shy personality still came out, despite all the encouragement.

| NCT/YouTube  

It made a sharp contrast to his effortlessly sexy vibes while posing, and fans absolutely loved his duality.

Even at the event Jeno still seemed surprised by the fact that he was there…

And when he was in the middle of the crowd, it seemed as if he almost didn’t expect so much attention.

Jeno may be the main slayer…

…but he is also truly a humble king.

Watch the behind-the-scenes of his adventures in New York City right here!

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