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NCT’s Kun Openly Supports Gay Marriage

He congratulated a couple’s engagement.

Although many K-Pop idols are LGBTQIA+ allies, many cannot publicly speak out in support due to their companies and South Korea’s conservative views. Still, we sometimes see idols wear pieces from brands’ Pride collections or reading/watching queer entertainment, subtly showing their support.

Now, NCT‘s Kun has openly supported gay marriage.

NCT’s Kun

Singer-songwriter Sevn Dayz announced that he got engaged to his partner, Harry Skyers, in Bali, Indonesia. He shared several pictures of his proposal via Instagram.

Among the likes and comments of many excited friends and followers was NCT’s Kun. Kun liked and commented, “Congratulations,” with a heart emoji.

The two previously worked together. Sevn Dayz has written songs for SM Entertainment groups, including NCT’s sub-units, SuperM, and SHINee.


Ya boi #kunwayv – @WayV Officiall came through today ! 🔥 #newmusic? 😏 🇬🇧 – 🇺🇸- 🇰🇷… #singwriter

♬ original sound – Sevn Dayz

It’s encouraging to see a K-Pop idol work with and be supportive of openly gay artists!

Doyoung previously showed his support as well. Read more below.

NCT’s Doyoung Stood Up For LGBT Fans And Didn’t Care Who Heard Him




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