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NCT’s Mark Hilariously Asked A Fan About A “Date” And It Completely Backfired

NCTzens often talk about how “nosy” Mark is! 😂

Fans are able to share bits of their lives with their favorite K-Pop idols during fan meetings from cute updates about their lives to stories about their significant others. Some idols love hearing these stories and will sometimes even involve themselves in “drama” between fans and their loved ones, like NCT‘s Jaemin objecting to his fan liking someone with a significant age gap.

Other idols find it hilarious how their fans balance fan life with married life, like MONSTA X‘s Joohoney asking a fan where her husband was while they were speaking on a video call.

During a recent video call event with NCT 127, a fan was talking with Mark about going to see the group at their concert in Newark, New Jersey. She mentioned that she took a friend to the show and Mark immediately asked if it was “a guy friend.”

He continues by asking if the two are “going out” as the fan laughs. When she says no, he starts to say, “stop lying” but the fan informs him that she does already have a boyfriend and that he couldn’t attend the show.

Mark immediately begins apologizing saying that “the joke went wrong” and seems embarrassed as he explains that he was going to continue joking with the fan as he tends to do during these fan sign events.

He seems to love asking fans about their significant others, even to the point of being scolded by an NCTzen for always asking about her boyfriend instead of paying attention to their conversation!

Mark’s inquisitiveness can be attributed to the fact that he truly cares about what fans tell him and makes an effort to be as friendly as possible!

Check out how NCT’s Haechan reacted to a fan fighting with her boyfriend below!

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