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NCT’s Taeyong Took Off His Shirt, And Fans Weren’t The Only Ones Shook

“The kids are too stunned to speak.”

Not only did NCT‘s Renjun surprise fans with a new hair color, but Taeyong also treated fans to an unexpected moment at NCT NATION: To The World in Osaka, Japan.


As the members prepared to leave the stage, Taeyong gave everyone a parting gift. He removed his shirt, rolled it up, and threw it into the screaming audience. It was such an unexpected move that Jaemin and Chenle watched with surprise.

NCT DREAM‘s young member Jisung couldn’t handle it either. Covering his mouth in shock, he couldn’t process what he’d just seen.

Despite seeing Taeyong shirtless during many NCT 127 performances, even Haechan was shocked and took a second look to see what was happening.

Jisung was so surprised by the moment that he nearly forgot to leave the stage.

Between Taeyong’s sexy move and the NCT DREAM members’ funny reactions, fans couldn’t help being amused.




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