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NCT’s Xiaojun Finally Reveals His Abs, And He Has The Most Hilariously Unexpected Thoughts On It

NCT‘s Xiaojun has always been a fan of working out but has not often been seen in particularly revealing outfits. In a recent photoshoot, however, he gave fainlly fans a glimpse of his abs…and had the funniest thing to say about it.

Xiaojun | @djxiao_888/Instagram

In a photoshoot for Praew magazine, WayV‘s Xiaojun, Ten, Hendery, Kun, and YangYang showed off their unique appeal…

…as well as their usual chaotic sibling interactions.

| WayV/YouTube

As expected, Xiaojun left fans dazzled by his visuals and his physique.

| @djxiao_888/Instagram

In a behind-the-scenes vlog of the photoshoot, Kun went around interviewing the members. And when he came to Xiaojun, he immediately asked him about his plans to shoot shirtless.

Xiaojun explained that he was shooting in two different outfits and that he’d be shirtless for both of them. Kun asked him how he felt about it…and Xiaojun’s first thought was to hilariously congratulate fans on his shirtlessness!

Kun laughed incredulously, but he then commented that Xiaojun had been wanting to do this for a long time. Of course, Xiaojun also admitted he was feeling a bit shy about doing it right then and there…

But when the time came he certainly nailed it!

Watch the full clip right here.




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