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NCT’s Yuta Flipped Off Sasaeng Stalkers And We’re Living For It

Go off!

In a post going around on an online forum, it was claimed that NCT‘s Yuta flipped off a group of sasaeng stalkers hanging around outside their dorms. From his hair and outfit, it can be deduced that the content was taken some time in the summer.

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Sasaengs are stalker fans that cross the line, often waiting outside their dorms to catch a glimpse of their stars. NCT in particular, has long since struggled with sasaengs and even called them out previously. In a video going around online, Yuta can be heard telling the stalkers to “get lost“.

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Many are praising Yuta for his refreshing attitude and strict way of handling such people who cross the line, calling him “f*cking cool“.

Conversely, he is known to be extremely sweet to genuine fans. Once, during an online fansigning, a fan asked if Yuta wanted to know anything from the fans. He wanted to know why fans loved him, and when the fan replied that fans love absolutely everything about him, Yuta thanked her and smiled sweetly.

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No official statement has been given about the video but one thing’s for sure – don’t mess with the man!




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