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Netizens Defend BLACKPINK’s Jennie After Criticisms Of Her “Sexy” And “Provocative” Scenes During HBO’s “The Idol”

“Korean movies and dramas got actual sex scenes, but Jennie…”

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie officially made her acting debut as the first episode of HBO‘s The Idol was released, and netizens have defended the idol over her “Sexy” scenes.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

While there had been previews of Jennie’s role as Dyanne, netizens finally got to witness Jennie’s debut as the first episode of The Idol was finally released for everyone to watch.

Throughout the episode, Jennie wowed netizens with her unreal presence on stage, whether she was channeling her idol experience…

Proving her ability to act with her facial expressions…

Or living her best life, Jennie’s characterization shined through.


After the episode aired, some netizens still had negative thoughts about the show, especially after seeing some vulgar scenes, even if Jennie didn’t appear in them. Yet, international fans quickly came to the defense of Jennie.

While some fans shared that the start of the show was seemingly not as disgusting as many claimed…

Others shared that the outcry about Jennie’s “provocative” scene with her dancing was mild compared to other Korean shows, and it was “childish” that fans were shocked Jennie just dancing and having physical contact with others.

Many also pointed out that Jennie was no longer a young idol and how unnecessary it is for a grown woman to keep coming under criticism for everything she does.

Of course, any project picked by a K-Pop idol raises worries about their image. Netizens also praised Jennie for coming from such a strict and judgemental industry and choosing her own path to try acting, no matter how controversial it is.

While it is only the first episode, many netizens seemingly can’t stop praising Jennie for her acting debut. After appearing in a lot of scenes, BLINKs hope the idol’s role continues to develop, and she can shine without the controversy of the show.

You can read more about Jennie’s appearance on the show below.

Korean Netizens React To The First Episode Of HBO’s “The Idol”




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