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Netizens Enraged At TWICE’s Stylists For Dressing Nayeon In An Inappropriately Short Skirt

“That’s considered a skirt…?”

Currently on their world tour, TWICE has shown off a variety of stunning looks. However, not all of them were met with praise from netizens.

Nayeon | @nayeonyny/Instagram

Specifically, netizens were concerned when Nayeon emerged for “Pop!” wearing an extremely short skirt that doesn’t cover her safety shorts.

Netizens were concerned if Nayeon was comfortable in the look and also were confused why she couldn’t have been given a skirt similar to the length of the backup dancers.

“Honestly that skirt isn’t pretty at all, she should’ve just worn those hot pants and call it a day,” one netizen writes.

The video of Nayeon’s outfit launched a debate about whether stylists dress K-Pop idols too provocatively when overseas.

Whether you love or hate the look, Nayeon still shines as bright as ever!




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