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Netizens Laugh Off Allegations That BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down” MV Plagiarized A Hong Kong Girl Group

“Cars, fur hats, and elevators are K-Pop staples.”

Recently, there have been allegations made online that the music video for BLACKPINK‘s new single “Shut Down” allegedly plagiarized a Hong Kong girl group.

In a post on Korea’s largest community, a netizen writes that fans of Hong Kong girl group Collar insist BLACKPINK’s latest music video copied the group’s music video for their song “On/Off.”

Fans of a Hong Kong girl group are alleging “Shut Down” copied the group’s music video. They are uploading captions and everything.

— Netizen

In the post, the author also uploads stills of each group’s music video for comparison. Collar’s fans allege similar scenes include…

1. Furry hats

Collar | Theqoo

From left: Rosé, Jennie, Lisa | YG Entertainment

2. Car scene

Collar | Theqoo

From left: Jisoo and Lisa | YG Entertainment

3. Bath scene

Collar | Theqoo

Jennie | YG Entertainment

4. Elevator scene

Collar | Theqoo

BLACKPINK | YG Entertainment

5. Walking with their backs turned

Collar | Theqoo

BLACKPINK | YG Entertainment

6. Similar choreography

Collar | Theqoo

BLACKPINK | YG Entertainment

According to the author, most netizens in Hong Kong are saying that the evidence isn’t very convincing.

Most Hong Kong BLINKs and netizens are telling them to stop making the allegations since it’s embarrassing, but the group’s fans are insisting, at the very least, BLACKPINK referenced the group.

— Netizen

Korean netizens also felt that the similarities were due to the scenes, such as the ones in the elevator and car, which are very commonly used props in all music videos. Netizens also noted that BLACKPINK’s MV scenes were homages to the group’s previous music videos, so if there were any similarities, it might be Collar who has some explaining to do.

  • “This is hilarious, LOL.”
  • “Even if it was a little similar I would say something, but what is this? LOL. Why don’t they claim plagiarism over the fact they have the same genders.”
  • “Are they serious? I laughed as soon as I saw the hats.”
  • “BLACKPINK referenced themselves. What are they talking about? LOL.”
  • “Elevators, lol, walking with their backs turned… aren’t they all cliches? LOL.”
  • “There is a truckload of music videos with these scenes.”
  • “I almost laughed as soon as I saw ‘fur hats’ as a reason. Look at the difference in quality though. LOL”
  • “I feel bad for them that they’d claim a video of that quality to be the original.”
  • “BLACKPINK had the bath scene since “Playing With Fire. This is literally the thumbnail for the video.”

What are your thoughts? Check out music videos for both Collar’s song “On/Off”  and BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down” in the links below.




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