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Netizens Raise Suspicions About SEVENTEEN’s Album Sales

Their new album has seen record-breaking success.

SEVENTEEN is facing allegations of possible sales manipulation.

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SEVENTEEN | RollingStone/X

The HYBE boy group’s mini album 17 Is Right Here has seen record-breaking success, even achieving an unbelievable sales number of 5 million.

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| theqoo

This astounding achievement has cemented the group’s position as a leading K-Pop artist in the industry currently, but Korean online communities are abuzz with suspicion. A recent post on the platform TheQoo criticized the 5 million sales, and given its virality, it appears that many netizens feel the same. The post has garnered over 100,000 views at the time of writing.

The OP(original poster) argued that with this kind of popularity, SEVENTEEN should have been able to secure a position on the Billboard Hot 200 chart. It should also have been translated into live audience turnouts, allowing the group to do full stadium tours all over the globe. The OP also stated that SEVENTEEN’s album is physically being sold only in Korea and Japan, which makes it even more difficult to sell 5 million copies.

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| Nate Pann

If SEVENTEEN does indeed sell 5M+ copies of their albums, they should be able to reach the top on the US Billboard 200 chart with no problem and go on stadium tours all around the world.

It is impossible to sell albums at that level in Asia alone because the only Asian countries where physical albums get sold are Korea and Japan. And it is impossible to sell 5M+ copies to the pool of buyers in those countries.

Ultimately, the US, European, and Western markets have to aid in driving physical sales. But how can a group like SEVENTEEN, who doesn’t get much response in the Western world, sell more albums than Taylor Swift? You can hardly find SEVENTEEN albums on any European chart, like in the UK, Germany, or France. So for a group whose international focus comes from Japan alone to sell that many albums? Makes no sense. Domestically, too, it doesn’t make sense for a group like SEVENTEEN to sell that many copies when they have never reached the hype level of, say, EXO, BTS, or Wanna One.




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