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Netizens React To The “Shocking” Time Limit For TXT’s Recent Fan Call Event

“I feel bad for anyone who paid for it…”

Netizens have shared their confusion after seeing the shocking fan call time limit for a recent event with TXT.

The members of TXT | @txt_members/Twitter

In the past, while interactions with fans seemed solely based on fan sign events in person, the recent pandemic changed this to calls, allowing fans from across the world to try and win a chance to speak to their favorite idols.

Although the pandemic has ended, video calls have still become a main part of K-Pop, with fans worldwide being able to interact with fans.

Weeekly’s Jaehee during a fancall | withdrama/YouTube
STAYC during a fancall | withdrama/YouTube
ITZY’s Chaeryeong during a fancall | withdrama/YouTube

Recently, fans have shared videos from a fan call with the members of TXT.

Yet, netizens couldn’t hide their shock when they noticed how short all of the videos seemed to be, with many of them not lasting any more than 10-15 seconds. While many thought there could’ve been technical difficulties, it was later revealed that each fan call with each member was given a time limit of 15 seconds.

15 seconds? I couldn’t even hold a proper conversation due to this time for which they lack conscience.

— OP

While the fan wasn’t complaining about the time, as they were most likely warned about the time limit beforehand, it wasn’t surprising that they couldn’t hide their shock when international fans heard about it.

In particular, many fan calls are based on buying a lot of albums or spending a lot of money, so the small amount of time with the members seemed unfair.

Yet, while it seemed shocking to international fans, it is often more common for Japanese fan calls to only last around 15 seconds. In particular, in Japan, there is a culture of a “handshake event” where fans will just shake hands or greet their idols and say a few words. The culture was that, depending on how many tickets were bought, it could impact the time they spent with the idol.

As more events went online due to the pandemic, it seems like that culture has been moved to fan calls. While it might be normal to some fans, it’s not surprising how shocked international fans were.




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