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Netizens Shocked By Lack Of Security For NCT’s Chenle And Jaemin As They Are Mobbed Upon Arriving In London

Fans call out SM Entertainment for not sending more bodyguards.

NCT‘s Chenle and Jaemin recently arrived in London, and netizens have been shocked by the state of their meager security.

Chenle | @kh1000le/Instagram

Jaemin | @na.jaemin0813/Instagram

The members recently wrapped up a successful NCT DREAM performance in Thailand, but they are already flying out to fulfill even more schedules.

NCT DREAM | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

While there seem to be some issues with the organization of the group’s activities, Chenle and Jaemin were able to make it safely to London. Fans were excited about their arrival, but unfortunately, it quickly turned into a bit of a mob situation. The two members were taken through separate ways, but a huge crowd was able to follow Chenle all the way to his car in the airport’s basement garage.

The crowd wasn’t kept at bay, leading not only to people getting in Chenle’s personal space but also even to making physical contact with him, leaving netizens outraged.

While Chenle stayed perfectly calm and even took a fan’s bouquet of flowers…

…fans online are calling out SM Entertainment for the worrying lack of security that he and Jaemin received in London.

In fact, some are even calling for airport crowds to be banned.

While that is perhaps not likely to happen, the sentiment has been justified in the past as idols faced potentially dangerous situations thanks to airport mobbing. Chenle’s own friend, Stray KidsFelix, was once pushed to the ground, while his member Han also fell when the mob around him got too rowdy.

While there have been cases in which bodyguards may have gone too far in protecting idols, the lack of security for Chenle and Jaemin’s arrival has led to valid concerns being raised. After all, airport mobs can be dangerous for fans too, not just for artists.

Hopefully, Chenle and Jaemin will be provided with more security for their future trips!




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