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Netizens Think Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Is Aging Backwards After Her Appearance At The “32nd Seoul Music Awards”

Fans thought they were looking at photos from 2014.

Girls’ Generation‘s leader Taeyeon has undergone a significant style evolution since the group’s debut in 2007, going from a classic girl-next-door style to chic and fashion-forward looks to edgy ensembles and bright and eclectic outfits.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon in 2007, during the group’s debut era.

Taeyeon in November 2022 | @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

In the group’s early years, Taeyeon’s style was heavily influenced by the trendy and colorful fashion of the late 2000s. She often sported brightly colored outfits, bold patterns, and unique accessories.

Girls’ Generation’s iconic colorful skinny jeans from their “Gee” era in 2009 | SM Entertainment

As Girls’ Generation’s popularity grew, so did Taeyeon’s self-expression in her fashion choices. She began experimenting with different looks and styles, incorporating more mature and sophisticated elements into her wardrobe.

During the group’s “I Got A Boy” era in 2013, Taeyeon’s style became more refined, featuring sleek, fitted clothing and shorter hairstyles.

Taeyeon’s outfit at the “2013 Dream Concert”

In recent years, Taeyeon’s style has continued to evolve and mature. She frequently opts for more minimalistic and chic looks, showing her refined style, but also effortlessly rocks the latest trends, such as the Y2K look.

Taeyeon in a simplistic and modern look | @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

Taeyeon rocking a Y2K-inspired look | @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

While Taeyeon’s style has changed over the years, one thing netizens believe hasn’t changed is her youthful visuals.

At the 32nd Seoul Music Awards, Taeyeon performed with her fellow project group (GOT The Beat) members BoAGirls’ Generation‘s HyoyeonRed Velvet‘s Wendy and Seulgi, and aespa‘s Karina and Winter.

(From left to right) GOT The Beat’s Winter, Hyoyeon, Wendy, BoA, Taeyeon, Seulgi, and Karina | SM Entertainment

As videos and photos from the ceremony circulated online, netizens could have sworn they were transported back in time as Taeyeon appeared to look the same as she did during Girls’ Generation’s “Mr. Mr.” era in 2014.

While the group promoted “Mr. Mr.,” Taeyeon had long, dark hair with a chic fringe.

Taeyeon during Girls’ Generation’s “Mr. Mr.” era in 2014

Taeyeon during Girls’ Generation’s “Mr. Mr.” era in 2014

Taeyeon during Girls’ Generation’s “Mr. Mr.” era in 2014

For GOT The Beat’s latest “Stamp On It” promotions, Taeyeon brought back the same gorgeous hairstyle, and netizens had a hard time telling which photos were from 2023 and which were from 2014.

Taeyeon at the “32nd Seoul Music Awards” in 2023

Taeyeon at the “32nd Seoul Music Awards” in 2023 | @BAEKSSUEL/Twitter

Taeyeon at the “32nd Seoul Music Awards” in 2023 | @BAEKSSUEL/Twitter

Netizens commented on her reverse-aging, youthful looks in disbelief, praising Taeyeon’s legendary visuals.

| Instiz

  • “Whoa, this reminds me of her Mr.Mr. era.”
  • “LEGEND. Mr.Mr. is literally from a decade ago. But she hasn’t aged at all.”
  • “Mr.Mr. era Taeyeon!”
  • “No, but seriously. This looks very Mr.Mr. era.”
  • “I’d believe you if you told me this picture is from 2014.”
  • “I honestly thought this was from Mr.Mr. era.”

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