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Netizens Urge Girls’ Generation’s YoonA To Switch Makeup Artist And Hairstylist

She went viral for her natural beauty.

Fans of Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA (also known as Lim Yoon A and Im Yoon Ah) are hoping the idol-actress officially switches her makeup artist and hairstylist.


On July 19, the King the Land actress co-hosted The 2023 Blue Dragon Awards (also known as the 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards) alongside Jun Hyun Moo.

While YoonA had an outfit change for the event, YoonA’s red carpet look went viral on social media. The revealing gown didn’t just make YoonA go viral. Her natural beauty stunned netizens too.

Netizens were in awe of YoonA’s “unreal” natural visuals, saying she didn’t need makeup or accessories. They commented that she looked like a real “Goddess,” specifically Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty.


SHE’S UNREAL IKR!! #yoona #kingtheland #SNSD #limyoona #imyoona

♬ original sound – hawksd

| @clorynexty/TikTok

Fans discovered that her makeup artist and stylist were different than usual. So, they agreed that YoonA should stay with the new.

They truly showcased her natural beauty!

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