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PinkPantheress Responds To NCTzen’s DM, Revealing Her Bias Wrecker

She sent a voice message talking about him!

English singer-songwriter PinkPantheress has revealed she has another bias in NCT!

Ice Spice (left) and PinkPantheress (right) | @pinkpantheress/Instagram

In 2021, NCTzens realized she was one of them. The singer is known for creating viral songs that you often hear on TikTok, such as “Just for me” and “Boy’s a liar.”

PinkPantheress follows Mark, Johnny, Ten, and Taeyong. | @pinkpantheress/Instagram

She also follows Jaehyun, Jaemin, Doyoung, and many more K-Pop idols and groups. | @pinkpantheress/Instagram

| @starrypests/Twitter

PinkPantheress is a true NCTzen. Nearly two years later, she even got American rapper Ice Spice to pick out her bias while collaborating on “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2.” Ice Spice pointed to Taeyong!


*nardwuar voice* we need to know!! #fyp #taeyeong #haechan #lol #nct127

♬ original sound – hugobossspectacles

This even garnered the attention of Taeyong himself…



♬ Boy’s a liar (Speed Up) – Remix – Silent DJ

When PinkPantheress saw the video he posted dancing to her song featuring Ice Spice, she properly fangirled.

Previously, she revealed that she herself is actually Haechan biased.

| @andf*ckmarkren/Twitter

Last year, a fellow NCTzen even handed her a Haechan photocard during a concert. She had the best reaction!


i think it was haechan #pinkpantheress #nct #haechan #kpop @NCT 127【LOVEHOLIC】

♬ Just for me – PinkPantheress

Now, PinkPantheress has revealed that she has a bias wrecker…

Twitter user @rokkugal asked PinkPantheress what her thoughts were on Jaehyun. To their surprise, she not only replied but sent a voice message, revealing that he is actually her second bias and detailing why.

Jaehyun is my actual second bias, after Haechan. He’s always serving visuals, and I really like his voice. I think it’s really lovely.

— PinkPantheress

This isn’t the first time PinkPantheress has replied to fans’ questions about NCT. Read more below.

Singer PinkPantheress Confirms She’s An NCTzen, And Reveals Her Bias And Favorite Songs

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