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Poor Editing? HBO’s “The Idol” Has BLACKPINK Jennie’s Fans Doing A Double-Take

HBO‘s controversial new show The Idol has been a hot topic since production, and now with the first two episodes out, it’s been met with mixed reactions, especially from fans of BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, who portrays backup dancer, friend (and possibly enemy) of Lily Rose-Deep‘s character Jocelyn, Dyanne.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie in “The Idol” | HBO

The recent episode garnered a reaction online regarding the show’s poor script. The characters’ dialogue reads like poorly written Wattpad fanfiction that not even the best actors could save.

Now, a video clip has gone viral that has viewers debating on poor editing.

A video on TikTok was posted, showing the transition from Jennie dancing to another Asian woman dancer, styled the same. It went viral with 1.3M views and 66.6K likes at the time of writing. The original poster captioned, “WHAT IS THIS ???? couldnt they have just used jennie for the whole thing.”


WHAT IS THIS ???? couldnt they have just used jennie for the whole thing

♬ original sound – clodagh¹⁶

A photo from the scene has also been used for press articles. Again, the other dancer is in frame, not Jennie.

Yet, the viral TikTok has sparked debate. Some argue this wasn’t a poor edit, showing Jennie’s stunt double’s face but another character entirely.

| @dannydoesntknow/TikTok

During Episode 2, Jocelyn underperforms, leading record label exec Nikki disappointed. Impressed by Dyanne’s dancing, she takes her aside to find out if she can also sing. So, some fans suggest that the scenes with the other dancer is while Dyanne has already left to speak with Nikki.


ACTRESS JENNIE #jennie #jenniekim #actressiennie #jennietheidol #theidol#dyanne #blackpink #fyp#blink#jenniestan#goviral#kpop#viral

♬ original sound – suz1vm

Jennie did have a stunt double for The Idol. But the dancer in the scene in question doesn’t appear to be the same person.

As a few pointed out, the show underwent major reshoots as the series changed directors. Since Jennie is based in South Korea, getting her back to refilm some scenes might have been difficult. Read more below.

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