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Red Velvet Joy’s Secret Flirting Technique Actually Makes A Lot Of Sense

Trying this out now, too.

Red Velvet‘s Joy revealed her secret flirting technique, and we’ll definitely be using it from now on!

Red Velvet’s Joy | @_imyour_joy/Instagram

Joy participated in a TMI interview for Elle Korea with actresses Ahn Eun Jin and Kang Ye Won, her costars from the K-Drama The One and Only.


During the interview, Joy told her costars that she once said in an interview “that if this certain part of me shows up on the camera, the photo comes out good.” Then, she asked them to name the body part she was referring to.

The body part Joy was referring to was her armpit! She previously mentioned that “charm” comes out of the armpits and makes photos look better. A quick look through Joy’s Instagram shows that she definitely believes that having your arms raised and exposing your armpit makes for great pictures!

In the TMI interview, Joy revealed that exposing your armpit is just as powerful of a flirting technique as it is a posing technique. She explained that pheromones are released through the armpits. Pheromones are hormone-like chemicals that work outside of the body to trigger a response in others.

Joy told her costars that when someone they like is around they should do things where their armpits “kind of show,” like tying their hair up. This exposes the armpits and lets the pheromones loose!

Check the full video out below!

Red Velvet



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