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Red Velvet’s Joy And NCT DREAM’s Chenle Gain Attention For Their Sweet Interaction At The “2022 Genie Music Awards”

“Joy with her favorite NCT DREAM member, Chenle 😂”

Red Velvet and NCT DREAM both attended the 2022 Genie Music Awards, finally providing fans with some much-needed Red Velvet and NCT friendship crumbs.

Red Velvet’s Joy | @_imyour_joy/Instagram

NCT DREAM’s Chenle | @nct_dream/Instagram

Like their fellow SM Entertainment artist Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, Red Velvet and NCT DREAM won major awards at the event. The former came away with the award for “Best Music Video,” while NCT DREAM won two of the biggest categories: “Top Album” and “Top Artist.”

Red Velvet at the “2022 GMAs” | @RVsmtown/Twitter

NCT DREAM | @nct_dream/Instagram

Throughout the ceremony, the two groups shared some lovable interactions. NCT DREAM’s Chenle is known for having many friends in the industry, and as Red Velvet took to the stage he made sure to show his support. He sang and danced along to “Feel My Rhythm”…

…and cheered enthusiastically when Red Velvet won their award.

But one easy-to-miss moment fans are particularly enjoying was when NCT DREAM first made their way to their seats next to Red Velvet. Chenle was sat by Joy, and as he took his seat, she waved at him in the sweetest way.

| @123percent_127/Twitter

Fans did not fail to spot the interaction, which soon got the two idols plenty of enthusiastic attention.

Some hilariously joked about Chenle being Joy’s favorite NCT DREAM member, despite the fact that she’s known to be good friends with Doyoung.

In fact, fans even joked about Joy being the “OG mom stan.”

Looking back on their past interactions, it’s clear that the two of them do seem to get along, which means this is yet another wholesome Red Velvet x NCT friendship fans can look forward to!

Hopefully, this won’t be the last interaction between Joy and Chenle that we see.



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