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Red Velvet’s Joy Transforms Into “Year End Joy” In New Candid Photos

She’s a visual queen!

Red Velvet‘s Joy leaves fans in awe of her transformation into “Year End Joy” every year. The term refers to her stunning beauty that suits the cool-toned looks of winter, making her look her best in festive, winter attire.

“Year End Joy”
“Year End Joy”

On her way to work, she stuns as her latest version of “Year End Joy!’

| iMBC
| iMBC

In a fuzzy black beret, red turtleneck, and oversized pea coat, she is the epitome of winter fashion.

| iMBC
| iMBC

Her cool toned makeup consists of bold lipstick and dainty eye makeup, suiting her skin tone perfectly.

Her luxurious look will serve as fashion inspiration for the colder months…

| @Sylvia_hys14/Twitter

…and her stunning visuals are unmatched!

| news 1

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