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Red Velvet’s Seulgi Once Tried To “Scold” Her Fellow Trainees, But The Attempt Quickly Backfired

She had only the warmest intentions.🧡

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi was recently a guest on Jonathan Thona‘s TheKstarNextDoor, where she was able to showcase her personality and talents due to the laidback and fun nature of the show.

Early in the interview, Seulgi and Jonathan both discovered they shared the same MBTI personality type, ISFP, known as “the adventurers.”

People who have the personality type ISFP are described as often being warm people who are introverted, laid-back, and spontaneous. This makes them easy to get along with, as they also often relate to others easily.

Seulgi confirmed this when she shared that she gets along with everyone and rarely gets worked up over issues. Although she prefers to be non-confrontational, she also doesn’t let that hold her back from standing up for what’s right. She displayed this when she helped protect classmates in elementary school against bullying.

When it came to her fellow Red Velvet members, she admitted that even though she is primarily non-confrontational, she has fought with each member at one point.

Being in the group for over eight years, fights are bound to happen, and she hilariously shared they perfected how to hide their quarrels during schedules.

After so many years, the members are able to efficiently resolve any issues they may have now by speaking with one another.

Telling the story led to Seulgi sharing the one time she was “super mad” and couldn’t hold in her reaction. Her story was about her days as a trainee. 

Seulgi trained for seven years before making her debut. She had one of the longest training periods at the time among the other SM Entertainment trainees. Being so devoted to her dream of being a singer, she took the time seriously and felt that other trainees shouldn’t waste their opportunities by not taking training seriously.

She gave the junior trainees an inspiring speech, meant to scold them for not taking lessons seriously, but it wasn’t delivered in the way she intended.

Instead of delivering her message in a “cold” and tough way, she instead began to sob, delivering the message through tears.

Although she intended for her message to be “cold,” its true intentions showed Seulgi’s kind personality as she explained she didn’t want the other trainees to fail and have to figure out another path in life.

Her words surely left an impact on the junior trainees!

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