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Red Velvet’s Seulgi Shows Off Her Home For The First Time

She’s been living alone for five years!

Just before her 30th birthday, talented Red Velvet member Seulgi opened her own personal YouTube channel, “Hi Seulgi,” where she’s able to connect with fans through the new content she has posted so far.

Red Velvet’s Seulgi | @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

After posting an introduction video for the new channel, Seulgi followed it up with a fun Q&A video, and her latest upload is a tour of her apartment, which she has revealed to fans for the first time.

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| 하이슬기 Hi Seulgi/YouTube

In 2021, Seulgi shared with fans on the artist-to-fan communication app Bubble that she had officially moved out of Red Velvet’s dorm. According to Seulgi’s most recent YouTube video, she has been living on her own for five years.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at her home!

Seulgi began her tour in her living room, sharing that the bright, open space was what sold her on the apartment. Her dilemma in the space was whether to purchase a smaller or more appropriately sized couch in order not to block the windows that caught her eye or a larger couch, which led her to purchase the CASA Alexis cloud couch.

The stunning furniture is currently listed for ₩17.1 million KRW (about $12,800 USD). She admitted she “invested a lot” in her furniture.

Seulgi revealed that she went with a modern black-and-white theme for her home, which carried over into her kitchen and dining room space.

The clean, sleek space showed off more of her impeccable taste in furniture as she introduced the LSH Furniture table she fell in love with.

Next, Seulgi introduced her bedroom, which she hilariously admitted she was embarrassed to show, where she pointed out her most crucial purchase.

Seulgi shared that her priority after moving out of the dorms was purchasing a comfortable bed since she realized the importance of sleep due to her hectic schedule.

She also made her childhood dream come true when she purchased a mini-fridge for her skincare products.

Finally, she revealed her workspace. She had originally intended to use it to practice her singing, but since the space isn’t soundproofed, she hasn’t used it often.

Instead, she uses the room to draw or write in her diary.

Check out more of Seulgi’s fun personal YouTube content in the article below!

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