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SEVENTEEN Fans Celebrate The Return Of “DARKTEEN” In New Teaser

SEVENTEEN‘s new compilation album, 17 IS RIGHT HERE, is set to come out on April 29. The album will include the title track “Maestro” and three other unreleased songs along with all of their Korean lead singles from debut until the present time and some other tracks as well for a total of 32 songs.

Leading up to the album’s release, SEVENTEEN has been sharing some bright, colorful teaser images of the members in individual and group formats, suggesting an upbeat, cheerful concept that might be similar to their previous comeback, “God of Music”.

However, a newly released teaser for the title track “Maestro” has taken a complete 180-degree turn on the bright concept images, and fans are reeling over what seems to be the return of “DARKTEEN”!

The teaser is introduced with a statement about the use of AI in the music video, which at first glance could be upsetting to some who are against AI being used for creative purposes. However, it seems apparent that the inclusion of AI in the video is meant to be a criticism on its usage, as the scenes with the technology are being called “ugly” and “creepy” compared to the scenes of the members.

It’s not too often that SEVENTEEN as a whole group dives into darker, edgier concepts, but they never fail to completely own them when they do. It’s reminiscent of eras such as “Getting Closer” and “Fear”, and fans are definitely excited to see how “DARKTEEN” will blow their minds once again!





Make sure not to miss 17 IS RIGHT HERE and “Maestro” when they come out on April 29!




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