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SEVENTEEN Fans Come To Joshua’s Defense After His Latest Weverse Post

“I just don’t understand how something like this can affect you so much to the point you stop enjoying the group as a whole…”

It has been a couple of weeks since SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua was first caught up in dating allegations with model Cho Mi Young, and during that time, the K-Pop idol has been relatively quiet on social media. He did post a couple of messages to his fellow members on Weverse last week, showing support for Seungkwan and S.Coups, but besides that there haven’t been any personal updates.


Fans have been concerned for Joshua and the backlash he has received from a vocal minority of people, especially after he appeared worn out in public not long ago.

On August 26 KST, he made his first update post on Weverse since his dating allegations began, and it was a simple, sweet message to fans that under any other circumstances wouldn’t have made anyone bat an eye.

| Weverse

Caption: You’ve worked hard today too, Carats !!

His fellow members commented on the post to show support for Joshua, evidence of the mutual love and care they have for each other.

Many Carats themselves also shared their happiness for an update from Joshua, especially after such a long time without hearing anything from him.

That loud minority that has been giving Joshua grief over the dating rumors, though, seem to be able to make a big deal out of anything. Some netizens take issue with the fact that he hasn’t addressed the allegations at all, and seems to be just going on with his life as he normally would. They seem to find it personally offensive that he seems happy and content with keeping his personal life private, and that the other members have been supporting him through all of it.

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Thankfully, there are plenty more people who are showing support for Joshua and think that the criticism he’s received is nothing short of ridiculous. On a forum post about the topic, the comments section was filled with annoyance towards the haters and love towards Joshua.

We hope that Joshua is doing well and is able to ignore the loud but few hateful people trying to hurt him!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa




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