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SEVENTEEN Fans Go Viral For Genius Way To Put All 13 Members On One Fan Sign

They’re living in the future.

SEVENTEEN fans are so creative that sometimes even the members are impressed by Carats’ skill. This time, two clever fans caught attention for a genius way of fitting every one of their biases onto one fan sign.

SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

When fans attended the LA3C festival to see SEVENTEEN perform, they came across two fans who were living in 2050. One of them held a sign that showed their love for leader S.Coups. At least for a moment.

The fan easily peeled off the photo of S.Coups and switched it to Wonwoo. They had even more to show.

Not only were they able to rotate between the group’s thirteen members, but they could also switch photos between the two posters.

And to poke fun at the unexpected interaction between SEVENTEEN and rapper Snoop Dogg, who also performed at the festival, they also had a photo of him prepared.

After gaining attention on TikTok, the clip found its way to Twitter, where it was viewed by even more fans who appreciated the genius method and could relate to having multiple biases in the big group.

The original creator even shared some behind-the-scenes moments of how they made the viral sign.


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SEVENTEEN fans never stop being creative and showing love to all thirteen members.

DK and Joshua. | @pledis_17/Twitter




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