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SEVENTEEN Fans Mourn The Loss Of Jeonghan’s Long Hair Once Again

Even NCT’s Taeyong had something to say about it!

For the last several months, SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan has been letting his hair grow out again, much to fans’ delight.

It has reminded SEVENTEEN fans of his early days as a K-Pop idol, when he was so well-known for his long hair and drew many people into the fandom with that alone.

In more recent weeks, he’s been sporting a curly, permed look that many people have been absolutely in love with, and have given him the endearing nickname “poodle Jeonghan”.


Some fans were hopeful that he might continue to let it grow out, and maybe even get to the length that it was during his rookie years.


However, a few days ago, Jeonghan took to his personal Instagram account to share some handsome new photos of himself — with freshly cut hair.

| @jeonghaniyoo_n/Instagram

The cut is a pretty dramatic one compared to his long, curly hair, but with a face as gorgeous as Jeonghan’s, he can pull off pretty much any style!

| @jeonghaniyoo_n/Instagram
| @jeonghaniyoo_n/Instagram

That hasn’t kept some fans from mourning for his long hair in the comments of the post, though.

Even NCT‘s Taeyong couldn’t help but comment on it!

Translation: You cut your hair

More recently, new photos that once again show Jeonghan’s new hairstyle were shared on an online forum. They show the SEVENTEEN member on his way to Macau with the rest of the group for the Tencent Music Awards Music Festival, and though Jeonghan is wearing a mask in the pictures, his handsomeness still shines through.

That being said, many fans are still sad to see the “end of an era” for Jeonghan’s hair, based on the comments on the post!

Whether you prefer Jeonghan with long or short hair, no one can deny that he’s absolutely stunning no matter what kind of look he has!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa




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