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SEVENTEEN Finally Confirms Filming For “Youth Over Flowers” But They’ve Been Ready For Ages

They’re been preparing since May 2023.

Boy group SEVENTEEN has finally confirmed that their filming for variety show Youth Over Flowers has started. According to a journalistic investigation by XSports News on September 8, 2023, shooting has kicked off.

Previously, on their episode on Channel Sib-Oya, they were given a filming pass to shoot for the show. As Channel Sib-Oya’s content and Youth Over Flowers are both handled by Na Young Seok PD, the SEVENTEEN members took the chance to nab a spot on the beloved travel variety show.

DK winning the slot on the show, followed by the PDs reactions. | Channel Sib-Oya

The general concept of Youth Over Flowers involves celebrities being “kidnapped” at random times to go on trips. If you’re caught unprepared, you could have to complete filming without certain items. As such, the members of SEVENTEEN have been sneakily preparing for the possibility ever since their Channel Sib-Oya content in May 2023.

The boys were sighted carrying huge backpacks, way too big to be suitable for normal schedules.

During a previous run of Youth Over Flowers, celebrities were taken to Iceland and Africa. WINNER went to Australia. They won a slot on the show in a similar way to SEVENTEEN. Song Minho used it as his wish after completing a mission in another of Na Young Seok PD’s shows.

WINNER on the show.

As SEVENTEEN’s schedules for 2023 are insane, it is not yet known if they will be shuttled to domestic or closer locations, or if they will be sent far. On the other hand, a member was spotted at Narita Airport in Japan.

Things are already getting chaotic, so we know that SEVENTEEN will deliver the laughs for sure! Watch this space.




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