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SEVENTEEN Is Chaotic, But These 15 Moments Prove That The Editors Of “GOING SEVENTEEN” Are Even More So

SEVENTEEN’s editors are hilariously savage, especially with #5.

GOING SEVENTEEN is a beloved variety show not only by SEVENTEEN fans but many K-pop fans and idols in general. With over 65 million views from 2022 alone, adding to the 260 million total views counted last year, it’s safe to say that GOING SEVENTEEN is a legendary show that people can’t get enough of. Besides the hilarious dynamics between the members, the staff is hard at work behind the scenes to deliver the best content, and sometimes, they’re even more chaotic than the members themselves, especially the editors. These 15 moments prove that humor and savagery are how SEVENTEEN and those around them express their love.

1. The New Performance Team

They might be lacking in energy, though.

2. Need An Extra Finger?

The editing team always has the members’ backs.

3. “Angry Dandelion Seeds.”

Seungkwan expresses his emotions even to the tips of his hair.

4. The Staff Is On The Hoshi Tiger Agenda.

It works against Hoshi‘s favor sometimes.

5. You Can’t Escape The Camera.

When reality hits, editing won’t let you forget.

6. Just Normal SEVENTEEN Things.

SEVENTEEN is the perfect representation of a true family.

7. SEVENTEEN Was Meant To Be.

SEVENTEEN were destined to be together in both good and not-so-good ways.

8. What Is DK’s Spirit Animal?

The only thing that can challenge Hoshi in his tiger form is DK in his, well, no one really knows, but he’s definitely channeling something powerful.

9. AI Dubbing

They’re getting around copyright in the most ingenious way possible.

10. They See Everything.

There are certain things only those truly dedicated to SEVENTEEN know, and if this isn’t proof of the GOING SEVENTEEN staff’s love for the members, what is?

11. Don’t Worry; He’s Just Sleeping.

The disclaimer makes it funnier than it should be.

12. Clapping Back At Haters.

The editors aren’t just co-workers, they’re SEVENTEEN’s family, and they’ll fight whoever they have to.

13. Terrible CGI Makes It Even Funnier.

They never specified how fancy they wanted the special effects to be.

14. Thirteen Voices Are Hard To Keep Track Of.

We need to appreciate the amount of work SEVENTEEN’s staff puts into these videos because it’s impossible to know who’s saying what all the time with thirteen chaotic members.

15. The Maknae Can Never Catch A Break.

One day, Dino will get the revenge he deserves. But probably not anytime soon.




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