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SEVENTEEN Lost It When Hearing Dino’s Advice To His 17-Year-Old Self

They didn’t see the savage answer coming ????

During an interview with Melon, SEVENTEEN took the time to answer fans’ burning questions. One Carat was especially curious about the advice they’d give to their seventeen-year-old selves.

Living up to his maknae (youngest member) title, Dino gave them an answer they didn’t see coming.


Catching everyone off guard, Dino turned the serious moment into a humorous one. He answered, “To my seventeen-year-old self, ‘Run!’

The members laughed so hard at the witty response that they complimented Dino for delivering a funny moment.

As SEVENTEEN continued to laugh, Dino warned his seventeen-year-old self to use his last opportunity to return to his hometown.

This is your only chance, Chan. Run while you can. Go back to Iksan!

— Dino

Even when the group moved on to another question, they couldn’t stop laughing. Keeping them entertained, Dino confirmed that his seventeen-year-old self would’ve listened to his advice to run away.

Fortunately, Dino didn’t run away before their debut and became part of the crazy SEVENTEEN family.




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