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SEVENTEEN S.Coups’s #1 Rule For Making Sure All 13 Members Get Along

It’s not easy, but they’ve made it work for over eight years.

Because SEVENTEEN has thirteen members with so many different personalities, a fan asked leader S.Coups how the group got along so well.

There must be some problems with that many members. What’s your secret to getting along well?

— Fan

Since the group has been together for over eight years, S.Coups was happy to share how they make it work.

Jeonghan and S.Coups. | @sound_of_coups/Instagram

Because they’re only human, S.Coups admitted, “Actually, we don’t get along well all the time.” It would be impossible, especially with so many members. However, there was a way to make things easier.

S.Coups revealed that the secret to getting along well was communication. As an example, DK pointed out SEVENTEEN’s group meetings, which give every member a chance to speak their mind and clear the air.

S.Coups: I recommend to talk a lot with each other.

DK: We have a regular meeting.

S.Coups: Yes, we talk a lot there and share positive energy with each other. If we give positive energy to each other, we can get along well.

If SEVENTEEN has remained so playful and close with each other for over eight years, communication is truly the key to making it work.




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