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SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Is Going Viral For His Unexpected Comments About Subunit BSS’s HYBE “Sunbaenims”

Although SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi is incredibly talented and handsome, one thing that fans love about the idol is his unreal charisma and personality. He always seems to make his m

Recently, Hoshi has gone viral for his hilarious comments about his unexpected senior artists.

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi | @ho5hi_kwon/Instagram

Over the past few weeks, SEVENTEEN’s subunit BSS, with Hoshi, DK, and Seungkwan, teased their latest album release.

On February 6, BSS released the music video for their new song “FIGHTING” featuring Lee Youngji. As expected, it is truly another amazing song, and the video is just so much fun to watch.



Of course, every comeback needs a live broadcast to go with it, and BSS was no exception. Ahead of their song being released, Hoshi, DK, and Seungkwan did a special live broadcast with fans, and, as expected, it was truly chaotic.


| SEVENTEEN/YouTube   

In particular, one clip from the subunit’s “Countdown Live” has gone viral after seeing netizens into fits of laughter.

Although BSS are SEVENTEEN’s junior artists, even though they’re from the same group, Hoshi seemed to have forgotten that the subunit debuted back in 2018. During the broadcast, Hoshi seemed to start listing how BSS was part of HYBE‘s fourth-generation artists, including LE SSERAFIM, NewJeans, ENHYPEN, and TXT.


Yet, what made Hoshi go viral was the way he addressed the groups. Rather than just saying their names, he followed each group with the term “sunbaenim” which means senior.

Although it isn’t an unusual word in K-Pop, it had fans laughing as all the groups he mentioned are actually both SEVENTEEN and BSS’s juniors. Hoshi said he hoped BSS would catch up with their sunbaenims‘ success, listing achievements, including TXT’s Billboard number one album and getting number one on the Melon Chart.


When the video was posted, it was watched over 200,000 times in less than 24 hours, with netizens loving how unserious Hoshi was being and making it seem like the subunit had just debuted, making them the most junior artists in HYBE.

Of course, it was all light-hearted and was made because BSS hasn’t released anything since 2018, so Hoshi must’ve been referring to the fact that it felt like the unit was debuting again.

You can read more about Hoshi interacting with SEVENTEEN’s seniors below.

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