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SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan And Wonwoo Shock Fans After Attending Two Separate Fashion Events Wearing Very Different Outfits

The “Main characters” are taking over the K-Pop and fashion world!

Amidst preparations for their upcoming album, SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan and Wonwoo have shocked netizens with their contrasting looks at two different fashion events.

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan and Wonwoo

Wonwoo has recently been attending events in Korea for various brands, and rightly sending CARATs into meltdown with his different looks that seemingly suit every company.

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo at a Huxley event | @everyone_woo/Instagram
Wonwoo at a Burberry event | @everyone_wonwoo/Instagram

On October 12, Wonwoo attended the Loro Piana Pop-Up store and truly radiated boyfriend vibes with his outfit. Teaming a long coat with a cozy jumper and his hair all fluffy, it was the perfect look as the weather gets colder.

While Wonwoo spoke to the media…

Netizens truly thought the candid videos looked like he was someone’s “first love.”

Although media outlets take great pictures of idols, it’s the ones shared by fans that gain the most love. In fan photos, Wonwoo truly radiated “crush” vibes, and he looked straight out of a romance movie.

If Wonwoo was serving major boyfriend vibes at his event, CARATs didn’t have to wait long to see Jeonghan serving husband vibes hours later. As an ambassador for global designer brand Yves Saint Laurent, Jeonghan has always wowed netizens with his looks at various events.

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan at YSL events | @jeonghaniyoo_n/Instagram
| @jeonghaniyoo_n/Instagram 

On October 12, Jeonghan attended the Saint Laurent Galleria Men’s Store Opening in Korea. As expected, on the photo wall, the idol shined and showcased his style with a low-cut black shirt, black pants, and smart shoes.

Whether it was walking around the store (obviously followed by cameras and fans)…

Or chatting with the media there, Jeonghan absolutely slayed and perfectly embodied the sexy and sophisticated vibes that YSL is known for.

Like with Wonwoo, fansites attending made sure to get the most ethereal photos of Jeonghan who truly looked like a work of art.

| @EndlessDream95/Twitter
| @EndlessDream95/Twitter
| @EndlessDream95/Twitter

After the photos and videos were shared, netizens loved the contrasting looks between the two members but, more importantly, that all the SEVENTEEN members have more chances to shine at fashion events.

While serving different vibes, Jeonghan and Wonwoo both shined and rightly sent CARATs into meltdown.




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