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SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Is Going Viral For His “Unexpected” Response To What Happens If He Doesn’t Enlist In The Army

Jeonghan is so unserious sometimes 😂

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan is going viral for his unexpected answer to what happens if he doesn’t enlist for military service.

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan | @jeonghaniyoo_n/Instagram

Jeonghan is set to enlist at some point this year, but he’s been reacting in the most Jeonghan way possible.

Recently, during a fan sign event, Jeonghan almost sent CARATs into panic as he spoke about him not being around until fans realized he was speaking about not being there as he is due to enlist. Of course, considering how funny and unserious Jeonghan is, fans liked how he was being open about the topic in his own way.

Jeonghan: Well… There is plenty to pick from, and they all have different charms. So, please, head on over. But… do know that soon, I won’t be around.

Fans: Aw, what?! No!

It seems like it wasn’t an isolated moment.

During a fan event, one CARAT shared their sadness about Jeonghan’s enlistment and when she exclaimed, “Oppa, don’t enlist in the military,” he replied, “No, no, I have to go.”

The OP then shared her feelings, adding, “How can a bunny go to the military!!” ( it says “Defend the country” in the Korean translation) before asking, “Oppa, can’t you not go?”

Hilariously, Jeonghan had the most “Jeonghan-iest” reply, as he explained the facts by saying, “If I don’t go, then I’d go to prison.”

When the video was shared, netizens loved how “unserious” Jeonghan was being. Rather than try to ignore the topic or make some excuse, the idol was being his unfiltered self and made CARATs feel more positive as they couldn’t help but LOL’ing at his reply.

Netizens also liked that Jeonghan was openly talking about the topic with fans, making it seem less taboo and something that he wants to share with CARATs rather than avoid.

As always, Jeonghan always knows how to put fans at ease, and his willingness to speak about his enlistment makes it more of an open discourse, which will make it easier later in the year when he has to go.

You can read more about Jeonghan being unserious AF about his enlistment below.

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Hints He “Won’t Be Around,” Sending Fans Into Full Panic




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