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SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Accused Of Being On His Phone During Fan Call — Alleged Truth Sparks Outrage

Fans quickly got to the bottom of the situation.

As part of album promotions or for special events, stars will often hold fan signings where fans can meet them up close and personal. Following the COVID-19 lockdowns, many groups started doing these fan signs online, allowing fans worldwide a chance to enter.

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A fan call with NCT’s Renjun.

Recently, a fan call involving SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua became a topic of discussion online, ultimately sparking outrage.


On June 8, Joshua participated in video calls for the group’s recent comeback. In a post shared online, one fan claimed that Joshua was distracted by his phone while they were speaking.

They shared their outrage, mentioning the high cost of participating in fan calls.


I was talking about myself here, when he suddenly laughed while looking at the phone. Did I spend tens of thousands of dollars to watch you play on your phone?

— Fan


He looked up to listen to me.

— Fan

To win video call events, fans purchase albums, each counting as an entry into a raffle.  Fans can spend thousands of dollars attempting to win, which makes the event even more special. An idol being on their phone during a call with a fan would be considered very rude because of this.

However, the alleged real story behind the fan’s accusation was discovered shortly after.

On the same day, an account on X shared their interaction with Joshua, saying that they asked him to sing part of SEVENTEEN’s “Hug.” Their post said that Joshua could not remember the lyrics, so he had to look them up on his phone.

“Hug” 2024ver.

I asked Shua to sing it because I love “Hug” so much, but because he couldn’t remember the lyrics well he searched on his phone. While searching, he said sorry haha.

— @OnightC/X

Eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed that this clip matched the posts made by the fan that accused Joshua of looking at his phone, comparing the two using an overlay effect.  Many accused the poster of making up a story in order to make Joshua look bad.

After this discovery, fans were left under the believe that this was a purposeful attack on Joshua, who has dealt with negativity since his dating rumors in 2023. In response, many have trended #PLEDIS_PROTECT_JOSHUA and asked the company to ban those that attack him from events.




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