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SEVENTEEN’s Jun Praises HYBE’s Cafeteria Food And Seungkwan Can’t Hide His Honest Reaction

“We love a man who can’t hide the truth.”

Although K-Pop entertainment companies gain renown for their successful and talented idols, fans have always been pleasantly surprised by the different cafeterias that big companies boast.

JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment, and YG Entertainment idols have often mentioned their high-quality cafeterias that serve restaurant-caliber food. And with HYBE‘s continued growth, groups like TXT have talked about how much their food has improved.

In fact, when netizens first saw HYBE’s new cafeteria, they were in awe of the high-quality food served at incredibly low prices.

Food served at HYBE’s cafeteria

And the taste of the inexpensive food was even verified by g.o.d‘s Joon Park when he ate with TXT.

So it wasn’t too surprising that SEVENTEEN recommended HYBE’s cafeteria as one of the places a first-time visitor to Seoul, South Korea, should eat.

Jun first clarified that when his parents come back to visit him in Seoul, he’d “also take them to the HYBE Insight Museum” so they could see where he worked.

Jun | Condé Nast Traveler/YouTube

Aside from just having his parents see the studio spaces, Jun also felt that it was important his parents see “where we relax [and] what we eat.”

| Condé Nast Traveler/YouTube

And Jun didn’t hesitate to compliment HYBE’s food, arguing that “the food at HYBE is better than eating out.”

| Condé Nast Traveler/YouTube

While SEVENTEEN were quick to voice their agreement, fans noticed that one member, in particular, wasn’t able to hide his face.

Seungkwan | @sup3rnovas/Twitter 

Of course, Seungkwan‘s expression was most likely directed at the idea that cafeteria food would be better than eating out and wasn’t meant to showcase any dislike of the cafeteria food.

But fans definitely enjoyed the honesty in his reaction.

You can read more about HYBE’s cafeteria here.

Fans Are Amazed At The High-Quality But Inexpensive Food Being Served At HYBE Entertainment’s Cafeteria

Source: Condé Nast Traveler




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