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SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu And Woozi Send Netizens Into Meltdown With Their Hot AF Physiques In New Pool Photos

“Mingyu is thinking, ‘What if I break the internet for CARATs today…’”

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu has shocked netizens after posting photos of his unreal physique in smoking hot pool photos… but he’s brought another member with him to send CARATs into meltdown.

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu | @min9yu_k/Instagram

SEVENTEEN recently performed at the “Tencent Music Entertainment Awards 2023” in Macau.

Performances by Jun and SEVENTEEN as a group | Pledis Entertainment

During their time in Macau, it seems like SEVENTEEN enjoyed some time by the pool… and Mingyu made sure to drive CARATs crazy by posting photos of himself shirtless on Instagram.

| @min9yu_k/Instagram
| @min9yu_k/Instagram
| @min9yu_k/Instagram
| @min9yu_k/Instagram

Yet, while the photos of Mingyu shirtless were enough to send the internet into meltdown, despite his promises, he managed to elevate the simping… all because of Woozi!


Woozi has never really showcased his unreal figure, although CARATs knew he had it because he’s known to love working out. Recently, the idol has teased fans after showcasing his abs for the first time in a recent editorial he did alongside members Vernon and Hoshi.

Well, Mingyu seemingly wanted to show fans even more as amidst his own pictures, netizens couldn’t hide their shock when one saw the idol lying in the pool with a shirtless Woozi next to him.

Mingyu and Woozi | @min9yu_k/Instagram

Unsurprisingly, after the photos were shared, the internet went into meltdown. While many were taken back my Mingyu’s photos, the fact the idol subtly just put one of Woozi as well was enough to send CARATs crazy.

If that wasn’t enough, after teasing CARATs with whether Mingyu got permission, Woozi decided to break fans even more after posting his own picture of himself in the pool shirtless. The idol seemingly understood what the photos did and wanted to tease fans even more.


While the two also had some fun online talking about whether Mingyu had permission to post the photos or not, Woozi definitely added fuel to the fire and CARATs are definitely not okay.

You can read more about CARATs simping over Woozi below.

SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Shocks Netizens After Revealing His Abs Fully For The First Time Ever




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