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SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Gains Attention After “Calling Out” A Fan For Not Respecting Airport Rules

“I hope this serves as a reminder to everyone…”

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu has gained attention after “calling out” a fan for their lack of airport etiquette.

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu | @min9yu_k/Instagram

Over the past few months, one topic that has caused a debate amongst netizens is the etiquette of fans at the airport. Videos from airports across the world have shown idols being mobbed and huge crowds gathering despite companies’ statements about schedules.

Yet, while some places are fine with fans taking pictures, there are always some restrictions, especially when it comes to security.

Recently, SEVENTEEN were spotted at an airport in Europe after some time abroad, filming for Youth Over Flowers, and other schedules. During this time, many shared their desire for the members to enjoy their time abroad without any fans invading their privacy. They recently returned back to Korea after filming.

Yet, footage of the members leaving Europe circulated.

Fans praised Mingyu after “calling out” a fan who was recording the members when staff pointed out a notice saying they couldn’t film but continued. Mingyu pointed to the sign again to reinforce the message and remind the fan not to record.

The image quickly circulated on the internet.

When the clips and pictures were shared, netizens couldn’t get over Mingyu basically calling the fan out for not following rules.

Although SEVENTEEN has always greeted fans at airports, even when the crowds are dangerous, they are aware of rules and etiquette. Many praised the idol for his actions but also called out the person for their behavior and not following the rules.

While it is more common for fans and media to be allowed to film idols in Korea, it isn’t as normal in other countries. In particular, considering the sign and the staff pointing out the sign, many thought it was sad that Mingyu had to tell the fan that they had to follow the rules.




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