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SEVENTEEN’s S.COUPS Proves He’s The Realest By Telling Fans To Risk It All For Fancams

Most concerts prohibit filming by audiences. While it is common knowledge that professional filming equipment such as DSLR cameras are not allowed into venues, HYBE Labels took things one step further in 2021 by imposing a blanket ban on all filming.

Other than [cellphones], other filming or recording devices are strictly not allowed to be brought in on site. In the case of violations of these rules, including filming on your phones, you may be asked to delete the footage and be forced to leave. Hence, we ask for everyone’s cooperation.

In the future, we will do our best to take care of our artists’ portraiture and copyrights.

Thank you.


Although the reminder came during BTS‘s American tour, as part of HYBE Labels, SEVENTEEN concerts are governed by this rule. During a recent live stream, however, S.COUPS defied this rule by telling fans to take as many fancams as they want to…

…just don’t get caught.

S.COUPS really likes it when his fancams are taken. It is a good way for him to relive memories later in life. So he encouraged fans to take as many videos as they wanted to, as long as they don’t get caught! When fans are caught taking videos or photos at concerts, they will likely receive a warning before being booted out.

Although you know you’re not supposed to take the videos… but well anyway… Like you’re not allowed to take videos during concerts or photos… but just don’t get caught. Don’t get caught and take them well. Just don’t get caught. Since there are people that want to come to the concert but they are unable too. And to be honest I also search up my own fancams and watch them often.


S.COUPS really lives up to his nickname of “leader who knows CARATs well!” Here’s one of our favorite fancams of him.




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