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SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Cracks Everyone Up With His Unexpected Birthday Wish

There’s no one like him.

It’s SEVENTEEN Seungkwan‘s hatch day on November 16! The star is known for being sociable, witty, and talented. His wit and hilarious personality make it easy for him to give great answers during interviews and variety shows.

It was no exception when he answered a unique question about what sort of superpower he would like to have on his birthday. While most would give straightforward answers such as “flying” or “transportation,” Seungkwan gave an answer that was both self-centric and selfless at the same time. Now that takes some real skills!

Seungkwan thought of a perfect way to maximize the number of well-wishes he could get on his birthday.

I want to have the superpower to make money rain for everyone who wishes me a happy birthday.

— Seungkwan

Of course, when netizens caught wind of his adorable wish, they began pouring on the birthday wishes.

| theqoo

  • “Seungkwan, happy birthday.”
  • “Seungkwan-ah, I love you. Happy birthday.”
  • “Lovely Bboo~~~ happy birthday”
  • “Happy birthday.”
  • “Happy birthday, Seungkwan!”

Only Seungkwan would think of such a perfect answer!

Many happy returns to this man on his birthday!




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